Which 2017 lip trend suits you best?

It's no longer about simply sticking to one shade, tone or texture! Now there are a variety of cool new ways to wear your pout and really create a statement with your luscious lips! We've put together the top trends for 2017 to help you decide what lip trend would suit your style best.....

1) Black Top Coat

Looking to add an edge to your style? Then the black top coat is for you! Experiment with layers, and leave single colours and textures well and truly behind you! The top coat will help add depth and definition to your look, giving you a touch of mystery to your everyday style. Whilst they may at first look a touch intimidating, there are a variety of options from Chanel and Lipstick Queen that will give you a subtle, creative edge. Many of the top coats provide a super glossy finish without the stickiness - an entirely modern concept.  There are also glosses this season that give a lovely shimmering finish and darken your colour of choice, creating a lace-like veil on the lips!

Lip 1

2) Marble Effect Lipstick

We've all seen the beautiful marble effects used in the nail industry but what about our luscious lips? New to this season is a range of amazing marble effect lipsticks creating a gorgeous, rich wash of colour over our lips. Now you can have a range of perfect hues with a stunning subtle sheeny finish, mixing a variety of tones and textures into one look.

Lip 7

3) The Lip Kit

Lip Kits are all the rage right now with a variety of styles to choose from! From gorgeous nude liners to liquid lipsticks, you can create the perfect bold, statement that will last all day! If you're after pout perfection you should invest in a matte liquid lip paint to give a fierce, statement lip.  Each kit is ultra-long wearing, enhancing your gorgeous smile throughout the day!

Lip 3

4) Lip Contouring

It's finally arrived girls, contouring is no longer simply for your cheekbones but now has entered the world of lipstick! Combining lipstick and liner, you can now create the perfect contour for your luscious lips. Innovation meets lip artistry with a dual lip colour and shaping tool. A combined pencil and concealer stick enables you to shape, enhance and define your lips for full coverage. You can use lighter shades together with a deeper lip colour to add dimension, shape and create an ombre effect to your lips from subtle contour to high definition contrast!

Lip 4

5) A touch of youth

New for this season are the rise in Chubby Sticks, giving a youthful twist with a distinctly Crayola feel! Coming in a variety of shades colour-matched with some of the most unique Crayola colours you can enjoy bright oranges and fuchsia shades! Feel like a kid again and experiment with fun, bright tones! Each Chubby Stick will also help relieve dry, cracked lips, providing immediate moisturisation! Apply layerable shades, allowing you to mix and match to create one-of-a-kind lip colour!

Lip 5






6) Glittery Top Coat

You can now add a shimmering sheen to your lips, for a subtle, sparkly look!  Apply the top coat over a lipstick or even apply straight to bare lips! The mega-sparkle top coat is specially formulated to wear over matte liquid lipstick,  so you can have an underlying lip colour that stays matte, dazzling the world with ethereal elegance! If you're after a wash of sparkle, whilst keeping your lip colour matte this is the look for you!

Lip 6

7) Two-Toned Look

Looking to experiment with your lip colour? Mix and match a variety of shades in this two toned look! For long lasting, colour intense lipstick you can get a semi-matte cushioned finish, half-way between matte and satin! Antimatter lipsticks glide onto lips smoothly and provide comfortable, continuous wear.

Lip 2

8) Glitter Lips

Glitter Lips are now all the rage! With a variety of bright, eye catching colours you can create a really unique look, revolutionising your lip colour! One application can last up to 8 hours, with amazing colour, shine and durability. The Glitter Lips range is also waterproof and smudge proof. So you can party without losing any of your sparkle! If you're looking to add a touch of glamour and glitz to your look then Glitter Lips is the lip choice for you!

Lip 10

9) Red Pout

The classic red pout is back with a bang! A classic look that is perfect for the summer months ahead. There is a red out there for everyone. The best way to wear a bold red lip? Keep the rest of your look simple and pared-down. Pair your standout pout with brushed-up brows and a flawless complexion. Go for glossy or a matte finish depending on whether you're after a subtle day time look or dazzling night time style.

Red Pout

10) Ombré Lip

The Ombré Lip is one of the latest trends to try for 2017! No longer simply for your hair, the varying tones of colour are now a trend for your lips! With a range of amazing colors to try from deep berries and reds, vibrant pinks, to subtle nudes. The beauty of this trend is you can experiment with a variety of tones and colours in one amazing look.





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