What's the deal with activated charcoal?

This season charcoal masks are all the rage! It seems that charcoal can really help to beautify your skin and hair, detoxifying and re-energizing your body!

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Whilst it may seem that activated charcoal is an unlikely ingredient for skin and hair care, it has been proven to work with many added health and beauty benefits when used properly. It's become popular to use food grade activated charcoal internally to detox, with charcoal also helping to whiten your teeth. But how does it keep your skin glowing and hair deep cleaned?

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Well by introducing the gritty black ingredient into your beauty regime, toxins can stick to the activated charcoal, without adding harmful chemicals to your skin and hair. This means less chance of you having a negative reaction and less risk of your hair being weighed down or your pores being clogged with a new ingredients. We're put together a guide for some of the best reasons to use activated charcoal for healthy hair and skin.


1. Make pores smaller and cleaner

Toxins around us can really clog our pores throughout the day. When your pores aren’t clear, your complexion can really suffer. Activated charcoal in face mask form can help to pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible. This leaves your face feeling far fresher. You can even use it with an exfoliating scrub to get the dead skin off for an even deeper clean.


2. Take care of oily skin

If you suffer from oily skin, activated charcoal could be perfect for balancing things out. If you use a charcoal cleanser or mask it can really help to pull unwanted excess oils from your skin, leaving it smooth. Make sure you do this sparingly once or twice per week at the most, since you don't want to dry out your skin excessively. If you already have dry skin, its best to steer clear of this method.

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3. Treat acne

It can depend upon the specifics of your acne, how severe it is and what’s causing it but activated charcoal is proven to help treat it. In soap form, it’s slightly gritty, which provides gentle exfoliation. The charcoal helps to absorb oils and toxins on and below the skin. You can use it as as a spot treatment if you don’t want to use it on your whole face - a mini mask for your blemish.

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4. Deep clean your skin

Forget your chemical based deep cleansers! It's time to focus upon cleansers that contain activated charcoal in bars and bottles. It’s important you don’t use these daily, since you don't want to soak up the healthy oils and moisture your skin vitally needs. Always ensure you check the other ingredients in your cleanser if you’re buying a liquid, since some are designed to neutralize the acidity in your skin, whilst others have deodorizing properties; with some even doubling as shaving cream! Always buy the product that best suits your personal combination of needs, following the directions on the bottle.


5. Soothe and heal bites, cuts and skin irritations

Activated charcoal is great for soothing both insect stings and infected cuts, speeding healing and relieving symptoms.  They can help heal insect bites, stings, cuts, scrapes and minor infections if applied topically. The activated charcoal, when applied as a paste, helps to absorb venom and infection. Charcoal can also bring down swelling and lessen pain! In order to make the paste, you need to slowly add water to activated charcoal powder and mix until it is a spreadable consistency.


6. Rid your hair of toxins

Activated charcoal on your hair, can pull out oil, dirt and toxins! You can find regular and dry shampoos that contain activated charcoal. If you want to try activated charcoal on your hair, but aren’t sure you want to buy a bottle of a pre-made product just yet, you can make your own as you go. Just empty a capsule or add a teaspoon of activated charcoal to your regular shampoo and use as you normally would. The advantage to buying activated charcoal in powder or tablets is that it’s multi-purpose.

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7. Add volume to your hair

If you’re carrying around enough dirt, your hair will start to sag and regular shampooing won't get it all out! Regular shampoos remove surface dirt, but activated charcoal will pull out even more. Activated charcoal won't leave the residue regular shampoos do, ensuring your hair is lighter with more volume.

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8. Remedy scalp conditions

Dandruff, redness, oily and itchy scalps can be relieved with activated charcoal. You can use charcoal as a scalp treatment before you shampoo or mix it in with your shampoo. The activated charcoal will work on your scalp pulling out toxins and purifying, with noticeable results.










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