Latest summer beauty trends!

Give your look a ‘refresh’ this season! Try out products that will give you insta-ready skin, glowing cheeks and shimmering hair tones! Add some luxurious accents to your look from bronzy limbs to metallic ombre nails and luminising skin booster drops.

We’ve put together the top 17 best looks and hottest products to check out right now...

Get Selfie skin

MUA foundation

After that perfect skin, ready for some Instagram snapping? Not just with photo-editing apps either! There is now a selfie-inspired make-up that acts like an Instagram filter! MUA Makeup Academy have created a professional to give a camera-ready base, so you can lighten or darken foundation to your perfect shade.

Ombre for your nails

Ombre Nails

Ombre is no longer simply for your hair but also for your nails! A cool twist on lips and tips – metallic nails now include subtle ombre tips to match your lipstick! You simply need two polishes, a make-up sponge and a quick look at an online tutorial to get this look!

Illuminate your skin

Iconic Drops

That supermodel gleam can be yours simply by mixing Illuminator Drops into your base and blending a little more on your cheekbones to give you a beautiful, healthy glow this summer, and really make your skin shine!

Repair your hair

Hair Detox

According to salon statistics, a huge 40% of colour appointments involve correcting DIY jobs. Why not invest in Colour Reboot products to cleanse out unwanted colour, shift heavy build-up and restore lustre to your locks.

Perfect pout

Lip plump

These days we want bold (but not flat), we want lasting (but not drying), we want bright (but not overpowering). Not demanding much! So luckily, there are numerous products on the market that can brighten, smooth, plump AND moisturise, from Avon Nourishing Lipstick, Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipstick, to Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo!

Luxe tan


This year it’s all about the luxurious tan, rich in colour and continental sheen, to make you look like you’ve just stepped off a yacht. With a range of products on the market to give the illusion you’ve been in the hot sun all summer, you won’t even need to jet away to look fabulous!

Flushed face


This summer you’re face should look like you’re flushed from the sun! From rose powder blush to insta-blush, you can create the perfect tint to your cheek this summer to complete your look and give a sun kissed tone.

Eastern skincare


Korean beauty influences are making a real statement this year. With pressed serums, giving you the concentrated power of a serum in the comfort of a cream. Why not give it a go this summer and ensure your skin remains in perfect condition throughout the warmer months.







It’s now possible girls to have an eyeliner pencil that combines the creamy bendability of a kohl, with the intense, high coverage, long wearing pigment of a gel! Giving you a number of liner options, from creating a precise line of defined perfection, to smudging it out for a more sultry, smoked-out look. The unique product performs like a kohl through it’s easy application, remaining smudgeable long enough to blend it out as desired. Once set, it will provide the endurance of a gel.

Palette pick 'n' mix

Eye Shadow

This season change up your eye shadow palette! Think sleek, endless combinations of colour for that perfect look. With numerous interchangeable eye shadows on the market and a range of complimentary colours, you can experiment with shades and finishes, from subtle neutrals to bright hues, both matte and metallic sheens, giving you a neutral look for daytime wear to bold tones for the evening.

Mindful beauty


This year it’s all about healing, positive beauty, such as infusing crystals into your look, to help provide thought-clarifying, healing powers, calming balms for de stressing and essential oils for balancing the mind. It’s all about those good vibes and good times!

Hair accessories


This is the year to accessorise! It’s all about cute bows and bands and floral embellishments. Think eye-popping floral party dresses, Formica prints to energise your summer office wear and bold blooms to give you a real eye catching edge this summer.

Brighter blondes

Blonde Hair

Blonde is bigger than ever this year, with new products on the market to help perfect your blonde look. Why not invest in a weekly mask to leave a subtle shimmer on fair hair, ensuring hair looks brighter without needing to lighten and damage it!

Gym bunny make-up

Gym makeup

Most of us hate going barefaced in the gym, plagued by a league of surrounding mirrors! There is now a hot trend for make-up designed to wear when you work out! Giving you waterproof, sweat proof eyeliners and mascaras, lip balms and foundations sticks! So you can work out with confidence.

Probiotic creams

Skin Cream

Friendly bacteria is often talked about to help your insides, however there is now a huge trend in skincare to ensure you look after yourself on the outside too. Probiotics are mostly used to strengthen your gut lining, but they can also strengthen your skin barrier and decrease inflammation of the skin.

Sleek style

Super sleek

This season’s straight hair is super polished, glasslike to the point of wet look. There is a new desire for poker-straight hair, revelling in chic, polished locks. The hair this year is all about being super-smooth with an almost synthetic amount of shine. Groomed away from the face, the hair should be parted to the left with the lengths held back behind the ears. Apply a little smoothing balm and finish with a glossy shine spray to help reflect light.






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