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How to Throw the Ultimate Eurovision Party

It’s the final of the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow night and while the UK’s SuRie takes on some of the most weird and wonderful acts that Europe has to offer (like X Factor’s very own Saara Aalto and this guy), people up and down the country will be throwing their own Eurovision parties in celebration of this iconic annual event.

If you’re thinking about inviting the girls round to watch the show, here are some tips for throwing the perfect #Eurovision party:

#1 Get Dressed Up

Nothing says Eurovision like a bit of fancy dress! This long-established contest has been on the go for more than 60 years and we’ve seen hundreds of iconic acts like ABBA, Bucks Fizz and even Jedward taking centre stage in even more iconic costumes over the years.

One of our all-time favourite costume choices has got to be Jedward’s bling-tastic sequin extravaganza for their 2011 performance of their song ‘Lipstick’.  Not sure if it was the big hair, the sequins or the giant shoulder pads – but something just screamed DOUZE POINTS!

Eyebrows Shaping. Portrait Of Sexy Young Girl With Brow Pencil. Closeup Of Beautiful Glamourous Woman With Professional Makeup Contouring Brows With Eyebrow Pencil. Beauty Concept. High Resolution

We’ll be channelling our inner Jedward this year and we’d love to see your Eurovision costumes as well.

Tag us in your Instagram pictures @GirlsDayOutShow and who knows, there might just be a prize for the best costume!

#2 Take Your Guests on a Tour of Europe

With over 40 countries participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it’s easy to transform your living room into the very best of the continent!

We’re talking flags, banners, paper plates, napkins and cocktail sticks as a bare minimum, ladies.  The cheesier, glitzier and more extravagant the decorations, the better!   Eurovision is famed for its OTT performances, so make sure your house looks just as fabulous and remember to challenge your friends to bring something iconic from the country they’ll be supporting.

#3 Stick on a Eurovision Play List

Eurovision has been responsible for bringing us some of the most memorable anthems of our time, so make sure to set the party atmosphere for your guests’ arrival with some unmistakeably Eurovision song choices.

It wouldn’t be Eurovision without the likes of ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’, Bucks Fizz’s ‘Making Your Mind Up’, Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ and  even Gina G’s ‘Just a Little Bit’, and we’d suggest challenging your friends to some karaoke or a dance-off to some of the classics.

We’ve been so excited for this year’s contest that we’ve even made our own Eurovision play list on Spotify! You can find it here.

Eyebrows Shaping. Portrait Of Sexy Young Girl With Brow Pencil. Closeup Of Beautiful Glamourous Woman With Professional Makeup Contouring Brows With Eyebrow Pencil. Beauty Concept. High Resolution

#4 Eat (& Drink) Your Way Across The Continent

One of the best things about throwing a Eurovision party is that it gives you free reign eat as much as you like from as many countries as you can fit in!

It’s not just Italian pizza, Swedish meatballs and German sausages that we’re looking forward to.  As this year’s contest takes place in Portugal (home of the egg tart!) we’ll be feasting on pastries, piri piri chicken and muita rose wine in honour of this year’s host nation.

#5 Play Eurovision Bingo

There are a few sights you can be sure to see during any Eurovision Song Contest: contestants crying, excessive use of glitter (is there even such a thing?), wind machines, feathers, Graham Norton giggling, blatant political voting…the list continues.

Make up your own bingo cards full of things we’re most likely to see during this year’s final and dish them out to your friends with a prize for the guest who fills their card first!

We’ll be following the live action on Twitter (@GirlsDayOutShow) so make sure to join in the conversation using hashtags #Eurovision and #AllAboard.



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