The 80’s are back with a bang!

Whilst the nineties have ruled the roost for a while now it seems that nude matte lips are on the way out, with this seasons designers paying homage to another decade. It’s all about the big hair, bright eye-shadows and sharp contour. Eighties beauty signatures are well and truly back!

80s Look

The bold, expressive era has dominated the runway with over-sized shoulders and a touch of spandex. This year it’s all about bold set hair and retro throwback make-up.

80s Look 2

The Eighties is often considered one of the most creative and experimental decades for fashion and beauty, with over-the-top statements that every woman wanted to wear. With the likes of Debbie Harry and Grace Jones to Boy George and the Cure, the underground club scene was all about the extreme. Which is why eye makeup this season is all about heavily emphasising with shadow in shades of purple, blue and green. Eye shadow can also be layered in eye-catching brights, alongside coordinating mascara for luscious lashes.

80s Look 9

One of the most iconic looks for this year was bright streaks of blush draped across the cheekbone and over the eyelids. Eighties hair has also made a nostalgic return recreating the retro perm with a twist! Curls are being spiralled to give the hair full volume, sweeping to the side.

80s look 10




The essence of the new '80s resurge is perfect for dramatic evening wear. From nipped in waists fastened with over sized belts to flattering hemlines, balanced out by big shoulders. Think dramatic crystal earrings and high stilettos, with a real emphasis on striking cocktail dresses. This is the year of power suits, slouchy tailored trousers, active wear and after hours glam. Go bold with a metallic mini dress, plunging neckline, strong shoulder and short hemline. Many dresses this season are made up of ruffled metallic material, cinched in waists, short hemlines and prom inspired tones. Pearlized pink is the hue of the summer season.

80s look 11

Glossy finishes are in this season with slick patent trench coats and high shine asymmetrical striped skirts. The black and blue combination adds a level of 80s edge. Keep an eye out for prom-perfect dresses with red sequins, glitter and puffy sleeves! Eveningwear is all about the sparkle with off-the-shoulder necklines to give a flash of skin.

80s look 30

So go on, embrace your inner radical 80s self this season and give your wardrobe a rewind back to this decadent decade, with a real modern twist to stamp your own style onto this iconic look.

80s look 40






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