#TBT - The Best TV Programmes of the 90s

It’s been announced this week that Rugrats – the iconic 90’s cartoon that we all know and love – is coming back to Nickelodeon shortly, with a brand new 26-episode series PLUS a feature film scheduled for 2020.

Tommy Pickles and the gang will be getting a CGI upgrade (not sure how much we love that idea…) and the entire original cast will be coming back; including our spirit animal Angelica Pickles, twins Phil and Lil, our very favourite Chucky Finster and #ParentGoals Stu and Didi.

We’ve been absolutely bursting with excitement over this news, which has also made us feel pretty darn nostalgic for the 90s here at GDO HQ, so we thought we’d reminisce over some of our other favourite 90’s television programmes in our ULTIMATE 90’S TV #TBT…

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003)


We still love tuning into classic episodes of Sabrina (every.single.day) and catching up on the adventures of this half-mortal, half witch who lives with her two wacky aunts and Salem – the cat who wants to take over the world.

Best Episode: First Kiss

Sabrina learns the hard way that kissing mortals isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (tell us about it..) when she accidentally turns Harvey into a frog and has to undergo a series of challenges in order to prove her true love and turn him back!

 Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990 – 1996)


Now this was the story all about how his life got flipped turned upside down! This classic sitcom followed Will Smith’s adventures as he went to live in Bel Air with his wealthy uncle Phil and his family to escape falling in with the wrong crowd in West Philadelphia.

We still know every single word to the theme tune and have to admit that the iconic song is still played here at GDO HQ more than it probably should be…

Best Episode: Ashes to Ashes

The Carlton Dance.  That is all.



 Ally McBeal (1997-2002)


We can all relate to Boston lawyer Ally McBeal, who starts a new job only to realise to her absolute horror that she’ll be working side by side with her ex-boyfriend Billy, who she never quite got over.  What makes matters worse is that Billy is now married and his wife does eventually come to work with the pair – forming the basis for the show’s major love triangle plot.  Don’t feel too sorry for Ally, though. She did eventually go on to marry Indiana Jones…

Throw in a dancing baby (we never quite got that) and Billy’s ghost and you have a classic 90’s TV show!

Best episode: Just Friends

Ally has a romantic dream about her boss Cage and wakes up thinking that he may be the one for her. When she finally gets up the courage to tell him, he admits that he often thought she might be the one for him also. Meanwhile, Elaine goes on a date with a great guy only to learn that he asked her out because his friend said she was easy. Oops.

 Sister Sister (1994-1999)

Sister Sister

 It was all so plausible at the time! What were the chances of two identical twin sisters who had been separated at birth finding each other in a shopping mall and moving in together with their single adoptive mum and dad who would eventually fall in love? Well it happened. And it was amazing.

Best episode: The Pimple

This one just gives us the sister feels. Tia gets a pimple and doesn’t want to go out on a date with her crush Anthony, so Tamera goes out with him instead whilst pretending to be Tia. When Tamera and Anthony totally hit it off, Anthony asks the twin out again but she struggles with what to actually tell Tia about it after realising that she really likes Anthony as well.  Eventually, Tamara tells Tia that Anthony is “perfect” for her and steps aside for her sister.  Aww!

 Saved By The Bell (1989-1993)

Saved By The Bell

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 30 years since Zack, Screech, Kelly and everyone’s first real crush - A.C Slater - burst onto screens in this American high school sitcom which centred around love, friendship, growing up and Screech’s outrageously annoying voice.  We spent our teenage years comparing our own friend group to the different characters and we loved watching them all grow up and moving on to college.

Best Episode: Jessie’s Song

This one is so relatable that it just had to be our favourite! It all focuses on Jessie’s growing dependency on caffeine (amen, sister) as she prepares for an upcoming geometry pop quiz. The iconic “I’m so…..SCARED!” line will go down in TV history.

Doug (1991 – 1999)


We might be alone in this, but we LOVED following the love story between our hero Doug Funnie and his princess Patti Mayonnaise.  We also loved Doug’s best friend Skeeter (although we never really found out why he made that strange squeaking noise) and even school bully Roger was somewhat of a fan favourite, especially when he suddenly got rich and started wearing his hair in a side-shed and swanky leather jacket.

 Best Episode: Doug’s Dinner Date

Patti invites Doug over for dinner with the rest of the gang and Doug is thrilled. It's a dream come true for Doug, until Patti tells him she will be serving liver and onions (one of Doug's most hated foods). With the dinner looming, Doug tries everything (including hypnosis) to overcome his fear.




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