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#TBT - The 15 Best Love Island Moments

It’s Thursday and time for another #TBT! This week, as the nation continues to mourn the loss of Love Island, we’re still not quite ready to let go.  So what better way to get our islander fix than to take a look back over some of the series’ best bits?

These are our top 15 best Love Island moments of 2018.


15.  All the boys’ faces when Adam entered the villa

Back before we knew how muggy he was, we all loved a little bit of Adam…

14.  When Dr Alex discovered he had a celebrity fan

Will he be grafting now that he’s out of the villa? We’re not sure even Margot Robbie could get this Love Doctor to commit.

13.  When the Snog, Marry, Pie game came at exactly the right time

'Snog, marry, pie' AKA… kiss whoever you want and no one can say anything about it.

12.  Sam and Georgia's ultimate test of loyalty

It might have taken her a while, but Georgia did eventually prove that she’s loyal, babes.

11.  When Wes got a taste of his own medicine

We might have fallen in love with Megan and Wes towards the end of the series, but we’ll never forget how he treated Laura and we’ll always secretly love watching him walk back from Casa Amor alone, only to realise Muggy Meg had pied him off.

10.  When 'Muggy Sam' entered the villa and ruffled Adam's feathers

Like, was this, like, the most interesting thing Sam, like,  said all series?

9. Jack's impressions

We think this was the exact moment we all realised we had a winner on our hands

8. When the boys broke out of the villa

We loved watching the boys' secret missions, but this one, led by Wes (who had a lot of making up with the nation to do) came at just the right time and was by far the most entertaining!

7. When Josh returned from Casa Amor with Kaz

Poor Georgia.  She was just so......loyal!

6.  THAT kiss

"I'm loyal, babes!" sure, hun?

5. The 'Do Bits Society' is born

The 'Do Bits Society' meetings had us all in stitches - but did you know that Wes was the founding member?

4. When Daddy Day Care went so wrong (for all the right reasons)

As hilarious as this was, New Jack falling in love with his baby gave us allllll the feels 😍

3. When Alexandra's mum spoke on behalf of the nation...

...And Alex's mum said absolutely nothing.  Need any ice for that (sun)burn, Dr Alex?

2. EVERYTHING Danny Dyer

Hearts across the nation broke simultaneously when we learned that Danny wasn’t actually entering the villa, but he more than made up for it by delivering this hilarious video call, where he even savagely made reference to Jack's canvas (it's NOT a poster!!).  We <3 you Mick Carter!

1. Jack and Dani's Reunion

While some decided to stray, this pair decided to stay.  The nation breathed a huge sigh of relief, making this the best reunion since Rachel got off the plane for Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.





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