The Beach Bikini


The idea of bringing out the bikini for summer can put most of us into a tizzzy, but have no fear, you can always find a swimsuit to suit your shape!

1. Those with an apple shape can look absolutely stunning in a one-piece with a peplum to divert the eyes from your mid-section, and swimsuits with ruching will greatly flatter your curves.

2. For those less well endowed, its best to go with bikini tops that have frills or extra detail to give the allusion of a larger bust; or better yet get one with some extra padding to make the girls look good!


3. On the other hand, for those more blessed in the chest department, bikinis with under wiring will be your best friend; keeping everything in its place when you’re taking a dip in the pool, whilst also looking fab and stylish at the same time.

4. Those who have more of a sporty body type, bikinis and swimsuits with frills will help you look more curvy, with girly patterns and bold colours giving a more feminine vibe.

5. A woman with more of a pear shape can find comfort in cute high-waisted bottoms, helping to hide the dreaded muffin top after lunch. Also, going for a bright and colourful top and neutral bottoms will also draw more attention to your upper body, making you look more balanced. But at the end of the day ladies, if you’ve got the confidence you can wear whatever the hell you want...

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