Summer 2017 Accessory Trends

This year it’s all about going big! From over sized bangles and luxurious pendants to carefully constructed corsets! It’s time to let go of being nice and tidy, minimal and conservative, and about making a loud statement! Simplicity is no longer the predominant trend but rather ‘the more the better.’

From mismatched earrings, to large top bracelets, there is an explosion of colourful and exciting shapes, colours, textures, and embellishments this season. Loud accessories are the main theme this summer.

Key trends for this spring and summer are about layering, tying, wrapping, mixing and matching! This is the season for embracing different looks, pulling out an old favourite from your closet. Many old traditional styles are being reinvented with new, eccentric and modern ideas. Get ready for the weird, and unexpected, with bold accessories you can use to clasp, buckle, and tie up!

From statement earrings and oversized power stones, to waist corset belts and vintage bejewelled gloves. This is the year for going bold with your accessories.

1) Mismatched Earrings


This season highlighting our ears is an absolute must, with clashing designs and shapes. Embrace geometric shapes, gemstone studs and dangling jewels, giving an offbeat, imperfect, cool and rebellious look. It’s all about having fun and creating an element of the unexpected.

2) Bold Chokers


Chokers have the power to amp up any outfit! From simple tie-ups to leather straps; chokers are great for finding something to give your outfit a real statement. So for all those 90s fashionistas, who are looking for some nostalgia this look is for you! This look has moved away from grunge and more towards elegant and minimalist, perfect for the summer season.

3) Cinched in Corsets


This summer season it’s all about the figure enhancing corset belt! This accessory can be worn tight, loose, under or over the shirt or even worn with a suit jacket! A real statement piece that can be placed on top of your regular outfit to give an eye-catching twist to your style.

4) Oversized Raw Stone Pendants







This summer, think big! It’s the year for large unpolished stones on chains making the perfect accent piece to even a simple T-shirt and jeans outfit! Uncut minerals have become a summer favourite, with raw stones and mineral slices being styled with numerous different looks. This also includes chunky metallic medallions which can be paired with a leather jacket or vintage inspired silver pendants to give your look a touch of elegance.

5) Armbands

Arm Bangle

Arm bands are going strong this summer season, working perfectly with a stylish dress or camisole top. Including shiny metallics, beaded bangles, braided leather straps. This season it’s all about highlighting your upper arms with beautiful designs and statement pieces.

6) Tie Up Belts

Tie up belt

This season transform your belt into something unique, playful and stylish! Knot your belt around an oversized shirt or simple cocktail dress. Experiment with colour and refresh your look this summer! Accentuate your style to casual or formal, cinch in your waist and get instant curves!

7) More Bracelets, Please!


Its time to pile on the bracelets, don’t be afraid to wear as many as you like! The key to this season is rather than scattering pieces of jewellery all over the body stack them instead! Concentrate on specific parts of the body, like the hands, wrists, neck, or ears. Use your jewellery to reflect your roots, combining your style with the season. Each bracelet could represent a different part of yourself, and a different memory. Rose-gold is also in this summer, looking great on tanned skin. Jewellery can really enhance your elegance, complementing what you wear, whilst providing you with a stunning look you need to impress others on different occasions

8) Twilly Scarves


Skinny scarves are great for adding a quick, finishing touch to any outfit. You can wear the scarf a variety of ways, great for both day and night wear! These scarves are an amazing way to add a pop of colour to your handbag, hair, wrist, neck and more. Soft, silky and easy to use, just wrap the handle or tie a bow.

This is the year of change, of personal style, fashion freedom and creative vision. This is the year to go bold and sparkling! Mix and match, layer, go bold, make a statement! This year leave behind minimalist concepts and embrace the big, bold, and beautiful!







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