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If you haven’t already heard of Jordana Ticia Cosmetics, have you been living under a rock? you’re in for a real treat at this year’s Girls’ Day Out Show!  Making her show debut for 2018, Jordana - a make-up artist turned beauty entrepreneur - is absolutely paving the way when it comes to high quality, professional standard beauty products at affordable prices.  She has already gathered a plethora of celebrity fans (including Stacey Solomon, Olivia Attwood and Hayley Hughes). What’s more, all Jordana Ticia Cosmetics products are cruelty free and the majority are vegan friendly!

Jordana has fast become the MUA’s favourite and the team over at #GDOHQ are absolutely in love with her products.


We recently caught up with Jordana where we found out all about her journey from part-time makeup artist to owning her own business empire.  Have a read at what she has to say here:

You were a make-up artist originally, so what made you want to start your own beauty brand?

"I was at the end of my first year of university studying Business Management and was doing makeup artistry at weekends and in any spare time that I wasn’t studying. I wasn’t enjoying my time at university and wanted to get working, and coincidentally at the same time found that I couldn’t get liquid lipsticks at a good quality in the UK! At that time all the main brands were Americanm so I thought “why not try and bring out my own?” So that’s what I did!   I found the factories I needed and started with a small order to see how it went."

How did you go about starting your business? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome these?

"To start the business, I had to find multiple factories to accommodate my needs. Initially I thought it would be simplest to just import it all from the Far East, so I got samples and chose colours etc.  But when it came to it, I realised that I needed the factory that was producing the filling of my goods to be accessible to me.

So, months into the planning, I stopped production overseas and agreed to have only my outer packaging made with them - and went out to find a factory in the UK.

I am so happy I did this as I now have a full role in product development ensuring the best quality possible."

Do you think being a trained makeup gives you an advantage when it comes to creating the best products?

"Definitely! I know what the general public love in a makeup product as I’m interacting with them all the time.  Having that industry knowledge and experience just means I can meet the needs of every day customers AND makeup artists."

Stacey Solomon wearing Paint The Town liquid lipstick

What would a typical ‘day in your life’ look like?

"I get up at about 9am and do emails from home whilst I try to miss the rush hour traffic, so I leave my house at 10am and set off for my office.

Before lunch time I will pack half of the days orders, making sure each item is perfect and packaged beautifully before sending out. Then I usually have my lunch whilst watching makeup tutorials on YouTube as I find them quite inspiring.  They give me loads of new ideas and help me to see what is trending in the beauty community.

After lunch, I get back to my desk and complete the orders and then answer any outstanding emails. Throughout the day I am also posting on our Instagram account, replying to DM’s and prepping future content.  I do this whenever I can, between orders and emails.

I then head to the post office for 4pm every day, making sure that each and every order is delivered there by me, and then come back to the office to work on new product development.  At the end of the day, I’ll often reorganise my workspace as stock can get messy throughout the day and I can’t function with an unorganised area! I then go home and spend all evening on Instagram - which I really need to stop doing!!"

Can you talk us through your daily skincare/beauty routine?

"I use a Clarisonic to wash my face twice a day, once in the morning with a Dermalogica sensitive cleanser, just something light and refreshing. And then in the evenings I use my favourite cleanser by Janssen on my clarisonic to wash my face – it is a powder that turns into a foamy soap when water is added to it and its just amazing. I exfoliate 3 times a week with the St Ives clearing face scrub and sometimes I use my Janssen Bio Fruit exfoliator before the gritty one for a double exfoliation. I try to have a facial once a month and also mask once every 2 or 3 weeks. Good skincare is vital for good makeup application so its something I try to stay on top of!"

What are some of your favourite beauty products?

"I personally am all about simple eye makeup, beautiful skin and a good lip. So for my eyes I like to keep it quick and easy.  Day-to-day I will only use mascara (my favourite brand for mascara is Eyeko). And on nights out I will use my Jordana Ticia base and sparkle in shade ‘Foxy’ to add a pretty pop of something to my lids – it takes 5 minutes max to apply the cream base and pigment and a bit of bronzer through my crease.

For my skin, I really love setting my foundation all over with Laura Mercier translucent powder and also rely heavily on blusher to make me look more awake and chirpy, the blusher I’m currently loving is something I am working on for Jordana Ticia Cosmetics, so keep your eyes peeled for this!

And for lips I always have a lip gloss in my bag, my go to is Clueless from Jordana Ticia as it suits my skin tone perfectly and is so comfortable to wear."


Jordana was kind enough to send us some of her favourite products (perks of the job…) so keep your eyes peeled for some honest reviews over the next few weeks – although we can already confirm that the Peach Please lip gloss is a life changer!!

Don’t forget to go visit Jordana at Girls’ Day Out where she can give you more information on Jordana Ticia Cosmetics plus her own top tips for application.




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