Hair Colour Trends for 2017!

This year it’s time to freshen up your look with a splash of colour this summer! Make a statement by mixing up modern hues, subtle highlights and hair colour to seamlessly slim your face. This is the year to be adventurous and try something new. We’ve put together some of the top colour trends this season for you to experiment with and explore your wild side.

1) Smoked Peaches and Cream

Hair 1

Moody and cool is the vibe of 2017. Give smoked peaches and cream a go this summer by blending blonde, tangerine and charcoal hues. You could even go for an ombré approach, playing up sooty roots before adding orange to the midsection and blonde at the ends, resulting in a brilliant sunset effect.

2) Pearlescent Hair

Hair 2

After a cool, glossy finish? Pearlescent hair is great for all shades of blonde ranging from gold right through to platinum. The finish will strip your hair of warmth, to give you the perfect pearly sheen.

3) Millennial Pink

Hair 3

Millennial pink has exploded this year, with the rosy hue walking the line between pale blush and true pink to give a fun, feminine look. The future is pink… pastel pink to be exact!

4) Geode Hair

Hair 4

Want to colour your hair without the bleach? With minimal stripping give this geode trend a go! The amethyst-to-navy ombré works gently on the hair giving your hair a gem like finish.

5) Blorange

Hair 5

Blorange is one of the most popular colour trends for 2017, with orange shades creeping onto the hair scene late last year. Both warm peach and strawberry blonde hues have been surfacing, with "blorange" offering a tone between blonde and ginger.

6) Blonde-Grey

Hair 6

This blonde and grey hybrid hair colour is truly remarkable. Grounded by a solid inch of black roots, this look is great for creating an eye-catching statement of effortlessly cool tones.

7) Grey-Grey

Hair 10

If you want to simply let nature run its course, this look is perfect for you! Embrace your grey by going one step further than platinum blonde, eliminating brass and yellow tones by using a purple shampoo each week.

8) Ash Brown

Hair 20

If you’re looking for a subtler look this summer then ash brown could be the one for you! It’s a great colour if you’re looking for a change but don’t want to fully commit to the grey craze. An ideal tone for cooler skin tones, ash brown has bits of blue and grey to give an ashen, nearly grey base.

9) Snow White Blonde

Hair 30

The platinum blonde trend has been modernized this year to look even more white, and less yellow. Just remember taking the platinum plunge is a real commitment, so ensure you take the correct steps for good hair care. If your hair has previously been coloured or highlighted with bleach, you need to ensure you have a deep treatment at least a week before your process.

10) Baby Blonde

Hair 40

It seems platinum hair is sticking around but you could also opt for a Goldilocks hue that looks as if it has grown right out of the roots. The tone appears not too white or too bright.

11) Bronde

Hair 80

Bronde is a hair colour trend that will never die, since it’s a colour that both sparkles blonde in the light, and goes darker in the shadow. A subtler way of wearing your blonde locks.

12) Overgrown Root

Hair 90

Shadow roots allow us to embrace the grow out period. However, this year we’ve decided to take the root one step further, growing past an inch of growth and into a solid five-inch chunk between the root and colour.

13) Red Brown

Hair 85

This is the year for toeing the line between full-blown auburn and soft brunette, departing away from the traditionally blonde strands, to give a soft, autumnal feel to your hair.

14) Mocha Latte

Hair 77

Think mocha cafè au lait touched with a dash of gold and you’re on point for this year’s trend. This gorgeous shade of brown is a mix of chocolate and coffee shades and suits a wide variety of eye colours and skin tones, from light undertones to the darker.

15) Dimensional Mahogany

Hair 69

Deep, rich brunette shades are big for 2017, with many mahogany hues coming through. No highlights are needed for this style, offering both shine and dimension as a stand-alone tone.

16) Hidden Highlights

Hair 87

Honey-coloured extensions are great for achieving a super-subtle look, acting more like accents than highlights. Choose a colour that suits your personality and hair, placing the highlights where they'll frame and balance the face. It's important to understand the contours of your face and head shape, and put highlights in places where they suit you.

17) Subtle Two-Tone

Hair 99

There is a new hair trend currently on the go, a reverse ombrè, with dark roots giving way to lighter ends. If you do them right you won’t be able to tell where the darker colour ends and the lighter colour begins!

18) Chestnut Ends

Hair 65

Another two-tone look, fading from a rich chocolate brown to a warm chestnut. Not quite red or brown, this in-between colour is something to bookmark if your after a refresh this summer.

19) Eclipting

Hair 32

The latest hair colour innovation comes from last year’s contouring craze, involving colouring the whole head with a darker base before highlighting specific sections. Eclipting accentuates the shape of the hair while contouring, framing your face using contrasting colours that differ based on your undertones and features.

20) Goth Brown

Goth Brown

If you’re after something a little darker this season, it’s time to go deep brunette (almost black) giving off an edgy vibe. Commit to the goth style with a part-less, undone style and a smokey cat-eye this summer.

21) Jet


If you have a golden skin tone this look is for you! Jet black is a great look for adding lustre and shine to your hair, packing dimensional drama into your locks.

22) Burgundy Braids


This look proves that a grown-out root meshes perfectly with a colourful look. Look out for burgundy box braids styled in a regal high bun – this look is going to be huge this year.

23) Jewel Tone Balayage

Jewel Hair

This look is for the bold and fearless! With crimson ends, balayaged to perfection for a deep brunette base, radiating pure confidence. Taking bright hues from the palette of precious gemstones, think amethyst, emerald, and blue topaz!

24) Amethyst Roots


If you're already platinum blonde it’s time to have some fun! Amethyst roots are great if you’re after something a bit different this summer. Growing out your roots can be tough, so incorporating some colour into them can help extend the time between touch ups, which ultimately will lead to much healthier hair.

25) Succulent Tones


There’s been a big love of succulents for 2017! Our favourite plant is now having a major hair movement! This multi-toned look is being recreated and reinterpreted with different levels of intensity. While some are opting for darker hues based on jade plants, others are going for brighter, more neon shades inspired by aloe vera. The key to this look is to build colour piece-by-piece from the base-up. Try by weaving in purple and magenta hues at the ends, with moody turquoise through the lengths of the hair, finishing off the look with jade near the crown.

26) Chocolate Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Last year there was an explosion of rose gold hair tones, with many loving this shimmery shade. This year the look will feature pink tones along the bottom with deeper brown hues along the top to prevent the need for a touch-up every six weeks.

27) Pumpkin Spice


Pumpkin spice hair also known as "gingersnap hair", features a variety of shades of golden blonde or chestnut painted over copper strands, giving it a look reminiscent of shimmery fallen leaves in the sunlight.

28) Grombre


This grey ombre look is a toned-down way to wear a very unconventional colour. Going from a dark grey to a paler shade toward the bottom, this style is perfect for any hair length, whether you've got a chic bob or long layers.

29) Sun-Kissed Ombre


Don’t want to loose your summer tan? You can now get that lovely glow back simply by changing your hair colour! Add warm honey tones throughout your hair, concentrating it more towards the bottom, to give your hair and skin a healthy looking glow.

30) Warm Peach


Thought hair colours were about to cool down? This summery shade will help to breath new life into your hair. This colour will add softness and vibrancy to your locks with orange hues flattering most skin tones.

31) Smoky Lilac


Ombre styles and unnatural shades have cropped up over the past year, but have you heard of smoky lilac? This hair colour transitions from a deep greyish purple down to a pale, foggy lavender, a really mysterious, unique shade that looks great on longer hair.

32) Mermaid Blue


Blue is never going out of style, this year it will combine turquoise, aqua, navy and cobalt! This mermaid-inspired dye can change completely depending on how you style it, working with any skin tone.

33) Watermelon Hair


Watermelon is often considered one of our favourite juicy snacks in the summertime, but now it’s one of the latest hair trends! Drawing upon vivid greens and sweet pinks it’s a daring colour combination, giving you tasty looking hair this summer!

34) Colour Bleed Hair


Looking for a fresh new look? This new colour craze combines fashion and practicability, using high-end blended shades to create a work appropriate look with a fun edge. When styled this type of shade looks great blown out, in cute curls, or pulled back into braids. A super versatile look!

35) Flamboyage


Flamboyage combines ombre and balayage styles, the technique resulting in a brightened yet natural, lived-in look. This low maintenance hair colour uses a transparent adhesive strip to colour the hair also achieving soft highlights









36) Nude Hair


What's the deal with neutral colours? Nude hair ensures there's a balance between warm and cool tones, cancelling each other out to create a neutral colour. This look will flatter all skin tones and is extremely easy to wear.

37) Snowlights


Snowlight highlights are made up of shimmering pieces of pale blonde, scattered across the top of the head like snow. This look will help give your hair a sparkling lift this summer.

38) Smoky Violets


Pastel purple hair has been a major trend over the past year, but this smokier violet look is a more modern way to go, colouring your hair with multiple cool-toned purples, to give it more dimension and movement.

39) Denim Blue


There have been a variety of neon shades emerge over the past year, but this new blue colour is truly unique. Differing from bright and pastel shades, denim hair is a far subtler to wear blue with dusty undertones.

40) Warm Autumn Lights

Warm Brown

If your locks are already rich, dark brown you could invest in some warm-toned streaks to give your style more dimension. When adding autumnal highlights think amber, caramel, chestnut, chocolate and auburn to really give your hair a variety of warm, vibrant tones.

41) Rose Gold

Rose Gold 1

Rose gold hair is one trend you need to try this season! The pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde, will help light up your whole look without having to wear any makeup!

42) Buttery Blonde

Warm Blonde

We’ve all gotten used to cool blonde shades over the past year, but warm blondes are starting to make a comeback. Mixing buttery beige and sandy blondes, with less icy blonde tones.

43) Cinnamon Swirl Hair


Cinnamon swirl hair is a trend taking off this year. The colour is created in a single process, hand-painting brighter bits in foil to give a multidimensional look. Combining warm honey tones and brown sugary shades this look creates a dynamic bronde style.

44) Colour Melting

Colour melting

Searching for an easy-going subtle, stunning look? Why not try colour melting! This new technique creates a multidimensional effect, melting multiple tones together and producing a natural look that reflects different tones of light.

45) Deep Eggplant


Curly hair looks great in bold jewel tones, but why not change up your style for the summer season! Dazzle your friends with a rich dark purple, great if you have dark hair and are looking to change up your colour. It doesn’t matter what your eye colour is, make them stand out beautifully with this gorgeous shade.

46) Copper Red


Ready for this shimmery, copper shade? This reflective intense copper is going to be really popular this year, giving an intense, glossy feel to the hair. It looks great on pale skin, with the colour vibrancy lighting up the face, making your features stand out. The colour shade is great for medium length hair.

47) Deliberate Roots

Real root

This year it’s all about deliberate roots! Simply place darker semi-permanent colour at your roots, ensuring you leave your face frame and end lighter in colour, creating purposeful roots. This trend is perfect if you are on a budget but still want a hip, trendy look, letting your colour grow out seamlessly. This will also ensure you don’t have to keep going back to the salon to get your roots touched up!

48) Streaks of Neon

Neon highlights

This year there is a strong presence of neon accent pieces, great for those wanting to express their carefree, fun, adventurous side in a more subtle way. Wear vibrant highlights in a practical everyday way, so you can give a fun edge to your hair without going overboard.

49) Ecaille Blend


This year it’s all about reinventing the established ombre into a more versatile style. The tortoiseshell technique takes three or more sympathetic shades and works them through the hair to create movement. This is great if you have thin hair, since the style can add dimension and give the appearance of more volume.

50) Autumn Red

Autumn Red

This year’s red tones will be more coppery and autumnal. To avoid your colour fading you should avoid overusing heat tools this summer, using heat protectant sprays and hair SPFs when you're out in the sun. Ensure you pick shampoos and conditioners specific for colour-treated hair.

51) Ultra-Thin Foils


Whether you wear your hair straight, wavy or curly, natural brown hair can always benefit from subtle highlights to make your hair appear thicker without requiring any fussy upkeep. Ultra thin foils can help soften the roots of solid-coloured hair, giving a beautiful effect without all the high maintenance.

52) Compound Colours


This is the year of compound colouring, layering at least two or more colours per section to create an illuminated multi-tonal result. Blending an array of tones and colours together on a single strand, you can create a sparkly tonal gradient. Similar to subtle rainbow hair, it's more visible when your locks are sitting naturally.

53) Multifaceted Platinum


Bored of solid platinum? This blonde is perfect for you! A real fun, new take on platinum blonde hair, with multi-layered blonde hair in different lightings and angles! Get a beautiful mix of colours, similar to an opal shell this summer.

54) Hair Strobing

Hair Strobing

Strobing is a popular makeup technique highlighting the skin where the light would naturally hit. The technique has become popular in the hair realm, using individualized highlighting specific to your hair colour, face shape, and skin tone. If you’re after a hair colour to make you glow this summer, this look is perfect for customizing your highlights specific to your features.

55) Pink-Copper Ecaille

Peach pink

Pink hair has been around for a while, but this summer expect to see a pink-copper version, refreshing grown-out hair, through balayage techniques to even out hair colour tones.

56) Pillowy Soft Blondes


This year expect to see delicate blonde hues, heading more towards pastel tones. These shades are soft, almost see-through, giving an ultra-light feel, helping you avoid dry, dull, and scraggly hair often created by bleaching.

57) Pastel Glamour

Pink pastel

Pastel shades will be mixed this summer with glamorous styling. Avoid messy, damaged locks with these pretty pink, purple, and blue 'dos styled to perfection, leaving you hair looking and feeling in great condition. Make this the summer of wash-in-wash-out colour fun without the damage of harsh, colouring products.

58) Flattering Naturals

Flattering natural

Get trendy with your hair for a fun look this summer. Find a colour that truly fits your complexion, suiting your skin tone - a trend that will never go out of style. By finding flattering natural tones you can also keep your hair healthy and shiny throughout the summer months.

59) Shimmering Shades


The silver hair trend exploded last year but looks to be dying down this year, moving away from cool greys and soft violets and more towards warmer colours with a focus on golds, rose golds, and peaches.

60) "Natural" Unnaturals


Making your hair a pastel colour is a bold move but making it look as if you were born with it is even more impressive. To achieve this goal you should keep things soft and healthy, as if the hair hadn’t been touched by bleach or dye. Experiment with colour this year but ensure it looks natural. More colour will be more care, so invest in a weekly hair mask for colour-treated hair.

61) Back to Balayage


We’ve had foilyage and fluid hair painting but now it's time to go back to the original highlighting technique of balayage. The balayage colouring technique was brought to light by the French in the '60s and '70s, adapting to any hair length from close crops to long locks. This is a really quick painting technique that allows you to get a little more creative with colour. The perfect choice if you’re after low maintenance hair.

62) Woodsy Brown

Woodsy Brown

Looking to go dark with your hair? Then this is the hair colour for you! Brown hair colours will become more woodsy this summer, ranging from chocolate to espresso. If you feel your hair colour is looking a little dull, apply a colour gloss for added shine!

63) Dainty Babylights


This is the year for delicate highlights. These highlights are similar to balayage and ombre techniques, giving you more subtle shades of blonde throughout the hair to create more of a soft, natural look.

64) Dusty Pastel


Neon and bright shades have been prominent over the past year, but for some the bold colours aren’t always practical for day-to-day wear. This year take on quieter funky hair colours with dusty pastel shades. Use creative colours in a softer, dustier way, moving away from bold, bright tones.

65) Really Ronze


This shimmery colour can help light up your complexion, mixing copper reds and bronze browns. Ronze is very wearable and looks more natural than orange-based copper hair colour. This shade is a mixed tone, adding more depth and softness to your look. Flattering both warm and cool skin tones, the mixture of bronze, copper and amber tones result in a soft and coppery gold.

66) Bright Pop

Bright Pop

Deeper unnatural colours will be popular this summer, where instead of a whole head of unnatural colour, there will instead be a bright peekaboo colours on a few select strands. Expect to see rich plums, dark navies, and intense magentas!

67) Bold Burgundy


This deep reddish purple is a great balance of natural and unnatural shades, replacing the Crayola selection of bright, bold shades with burgundies and shades of purple. You could infuse vibrancy into your hair with a deep, rich ruby shade, complimenting a variety of eye colours and complexion, making your eyes sparkle and your skin look extra radiant. Liven up your colour by adding shine, with a red glaze on your locks.

68) Strawberry Blonde


Feeling a touch pale? This trend will help illuminate your complexion and revitalize your look! Many blondes this year will be turning towards strawberry and apricot, with different shades breathing life into lighter skin. The strawberry blonde colour will work with most skin tones too! You could even apply a pale pink wash atop a platinum tone to rock the pastel style this summer.

69) Dip-Dyed

Dip Dye

Want to experiment with colour this season without committing your whole head? Dip-dyed hair is the one for you! This playful colouring technique gives the illusion that the hair has simply been dipped in dye! It also allows you to avoid the hassle of growing out or having to dye over your entire head of hair when you get bored of it! No colour is too bright and no pastels are too unusual. Dip dying is the next logical step after colourful streaks. Fade-out effects can be achieved by painting your hair with hard lines or gradual transitions depending on your taste. Simply colour your hair ends with a range of playful colours.







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