Guide to the Glossy 'Wet Look'

Morning girls! We’re here to brighten up your day with an eye catching glossy lid, taking you through a series of simple steps to re-create this stylish look yourself! An editorial glossy eye is super fresh and easy to wear!

Glossy lids are great for any every day look, despite many of us believing them to be for night-time glam. Did you know that the wet-look eye has had a 170% increase in searches on Pinterest in the last year, showing us it’s currently a look that’s hot right now! A glossy eye doesn't need to be sticky; you can use a lip oil balm to give you the gloss without the stick.

In order to achieve a glossy eye you need to ensure that it doesn’t make your eyes and brows look sweaty. It's all down to the blending, allowing it to naturally smudge, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Gloss will allow you to simply pat it into place, creating a lived-in glossy eye, which can give more of an edge to your look than a perfect one. This step-by-step guide for achieving a wearable glossy eye will help you create a killer look.

Step 1: Line the lower lash line with a soft brown pencil and blend with a fluffy brush.

Glossy Eye 1

Step 2: Take a taupe brown eye shadow and buffing it all over the top lid, for a cool taupe look.

Glossy Eye 2

Step 3: Apply your mascara, the more the merrier, and then let it dry.

Glossy Lid 3




Step 4: Why your mascara is drying, you can do your lips, compliment the look with a soft, peachy nude.

Glossy Eye 4

Step 5: Now for the fun part! Taking your choice of lip-gloss, use your ring finger to take a little product from the doe foot and apply to the eyelid. You can use an eye shadow brush to soften and blend any hard edges. Start in the centre of the eye and slightly work it around. Your eye gloss should move throughout the day. Just press it back into place with your fingers as it does.

Glossy Eye 5

Step 6: To finish, groom the brows with a brow gel. You can brush them up, for a cool, bushy finish.

Glossy Brow 6






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