Glitter Makeup for Adults

It’s time to rock glitter makeup again! This year it’s time to wear it in a less precise manner than before, scattered across your bottom lash line, allowing flecks to fall naturally.

Glitter 80

The less perfect it looks, the more perfect it is! Glitter is becoming a way for adult makeup-lovers to make bold statements, and give a real throwback to the 90’s.

Glitter 90

The trend fits with the current love of all things girlie, with a focus on Disney, rainbows, mermaids, and unicorns. The '90s glitter resurgence is full of colour explosions, going against the millennial normcore.

Glitter 100

We’ve rounded up some easy ways to add glitter into your daily makeup routine:

Exotic Diamond Eye Gloss

Glossy eyes

Putting too much glitter on the eyes can result in an animated effect, so instead opt for a clear gloss with finer sparkles for a touch of chic that won’t make your eyes look cartoonish when combined with the rest of your makeup.

Sculpting Gloss

Lip gloss 40

It’s easy to fake a fuller set of lips in a matter of minutes! Simply swipe peachy gloss with micro-shimmer to give the illusion of a plumper pout. This sheer finish can be layered over your favourite tone.

High Glam Polish

Glam Polish

If you want to really sparkle, you can paint on a high-glam polish for your next manicure. Or if you want to go down a subtler route, choose a disco inspired shade for an accent nail.

Scandal Eyes

Glitter 200

Why not mimic a twinkle in your eye by layering shimmery grey shadow over a matte charcoal shade, to create an eye-catching finish. You can match it to your outfit and mood. Bronze shimmer will help soften and warm up the intense look. Scandal smokey eyes look great with a nude lip, and can even work with a brighter shade if you’re after something more summery.





Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter eye

This summer instead of over doing it on high-glitz shadows, why not use a glitter-heavy liner along the lash line for a more precise, head-turning statement. A glitter liner will satisfy the cravings of any hard-core sparkle lover, providing a heavy dose of glam-rock. Perfect for giving you an intense, sparkling liner for a truly individual look. You can wear the liner alone or apply it over eye shadow for a more intense glam-rock effect.

Shimmer Dust


Glitter doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. You can make loose glitter appropriate for any day of the week simply by dotting it on the outer corners of your eyes to add a touch of sparkle to your look. There are a variety of colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks or lips this summer, gliding smoothly on your skin to add sparkle and sheen.

Intense Eye shadow

Glitter glitter

Why not cover your entire eyelid in glitter for a truly Tinkerbell effect. Stick with a shadow that has glitter infused in it to add a wash of colour to your makeup, adding a hint of sophisticated sparkle. Use bright colours to make a real statement that is as individual as you are! Give your look a touch of intensity that will last throughout the day.

Ultra-Glittering Mascara

Glitter makeup 21

Glitter looks great at parties and music festivals, adding a touch of shimmer to your lashes to give a splash of glitz to your day-to-day routine. Load your mascara with glitter to sparkle when the light hits. You can wear it alone or layered over black mascara for extra drama, adorning your lashes in a halo of sparkle, as subtle or intense as you like.

Glitter Primer

Glitter eyes

Glitter is known for getting everywhere. In order to keep your sparkly makeup from sliding all over your face, why not prep the areas where you’re going to apply glitter with a primer, helping ensure the glitter is kept in place throughout the day.






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