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It's that time of the year when the cold is starting to set in and motivation to stay fit and healthy for the Winter months ahead is in rapid decline. It can often feel like a chore battling against the temptation to reach for the vegetable and steer clear of the cake (well, not completely!) We all need a little help to stay on the straight and narrow, but it can feel like an uphill struggle, and comfort eating in the colder months always feels like the easiest solution to cure a bout of the Winter blues. But ladies, fear not we are hear to help make you feel fabulous for this year's Girls Day Out Show, so you can arrive feeling like a fresher, more fabulous version of yourself. We've put together a guide of the best brands in the business exhibiting at this year's show, to help you go green with ease.

1) Drink Yerba Water: Increase Well Being and Happiness

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Ever heard of Yerba Water? Well ladies you are in for a treat! Offering an abundance of goodness to help you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, Yerba Mate (Pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay) is a type of Holly plant native to South America. The plant has been consumed in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil for thousand of Years, and is often referred to as the “Drink of The Gods (and Goddesses)” since it has the ability to naturally stimulate the mind and body. The drink is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and caffeine which provide an uplifting and energy packed feeling, without any jitters or crashes associated with coffee and sugary drinks. And it comes in a variety of tasty flavours from Orange to Original Yerba with new flavours coming to Girls Day Out in December including Lemon Curd and Mixed Berry! The drink is fat free, sugar free and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Want to find out how it works? Watch this tutorial video here.

2) Join your local National Slimming Community

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Don't feel you have to do this alone! Find motivation in others to help you reach and achieve your weight loss goals, helping you become a happier, healthier you. National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics are now celebrating 32 years of slimming success, with 27 clinics across the UK, NSC Clinics offer medically supervised slimming treatments in England, Scotland and Wales. You can find a range of amazing tools online to help guide you in your journey to becoming a healthier, more confident you! Don't believe us? Have a read of all these amazing testimonials of ladies who have joined and achieved slimming success!

3) Try new, fresh foods with HelloFresh

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After a hard days work it can often feel like a chore to have to prepare the evening meal, and the temptation to rely on ready meals and takeaways can be hard to resist in the Winter months, when the cold sets in and you want to tuck into a hearty meal. So why not get a little help from Head Chef Patrick and his team at HelloFresh who create new recipes with photos of every step for you to cook quick, delicious, nutritious meals at home. They do all the thinking and planning so you’re just left with the fun bit: easy home cooking and eating! The meals are nutritious, healthy and super easy to make so you don't have to slave away in the evening after a hard day's work. If you order HelloFresh they will deliver fresh ingredients and healthy recipes straight to your doorstep each week.

4) Get a detox with Miss Fit Skinny Tea

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We all need a detox from time to time to cleanse our body of all the nasty toxins. We love Miss Fit Skinny Tea for the amazing detox or should we say 'teatox' qualities, that blend natural ingredients specially formulated to boost your energy levels and help you slim down. One great thing about the brand too is there are a​bsolutely no laxatives ​in Miss Fit Skinny Tea, so it’s kind to your body, whilst tasting truly scrumptious. A Teatox encourages you to eat clean, while developing habits and routines to help you along your healthy journey. Want to find out more? Get all the facts here.

5) Reflexology with The Zen Shop

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Reflexology is the massage of the acupressure points in your feet or hands which correspond to different parts of your body and in turn can help with many ailments such as stress, pain relief, hormone imbalance, digestive problems and much more. This great treatment is perfect to relax those overworked feet after a stressful week at work. We highly recommend taking a visit to The Zen Shop at Girls Day Out Show to find out more information on treatments that could work for you, to restore balance and calm in your body and mind.

6) Invest in Ion Body Armour

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While positive ions can be found naturally, our modern lives are largely responsible for the creation of an abundance of positive ions in the world around us. Discharged by electrical appliances - such as those found in office environments - air conditioning units, radio and television transmitters and high voltage networks, long periods of exposure to positive ions are often attributed to feelings of fatigue and negative moods. Surrounding yourself with negative ions can help to combat the impact of positive ions, the perfect natural boost to your everyday life.  Negative ions can have a great impact on our every day life, as they are created by natural forces whereas positive ions are associated with electrical appliances, power lines and cell phone technology. Surrounding our bodies with negative ions can have an incredibly positive effect – mimicking the feelings that you often receive when surrounded by nature and enjoying fresh air to support overall health and well-being. Ion Body Armour wristbands emit a high number of negative ions and can help to combat the positive ions found in abundance in our modern world.

7) Get your health on with ActiveBlendz

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Designed for the active on the go superhero in you, ActiveBlendz by Javita are perfect for putting you back in control, and full steam ahead on your road to a healthy, new you. Not only this but they will help fortify your immune system, strengthening your body's natural defenses. The blend can also help keep your digestive system in good order, nourishing healthy joints and invigorating  your mind and body. What more could you want? Browse the full collection of blends here.

8) Heat & Hydro Spa Therapies with Refresh Spa

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Offering a truly unique and revitalizing experience, thermal and hydro spa therapies are designed to cleanse, rejuvenate and refresh the mind and body. Enhance your experience at Refresh Spa and complement your treatment with a heat and hydro spa therapy! Step inside, relax, let the heat and water soothe you and leave the daily stresses far behind....

9) Balance and Refresh your Skin with Elizabeth Arden

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Restore balance to your skin with refreshing formulas from Elizabeth Arden that infuse skin with a unique blend to gently deliver the healthy balance your skin craves. In a perfect world, your skin would repair and replace damaged cells so quickly that you’d have a continuous, healthy glow. In the real world, our skin needs a little help. Elizabeth Arden has optimized 100 years of spa science to create a range that gives your skin a healthy advantage. The advanced treatment formula renews skin’s clarity and texture as it evens skin tone. So you can get that youthful glow this Winter.

10) Balance your body with Arbonne

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The plant powered nutrition products at Arbonne provide daily and targeted solutions that will help you start living an extraordinary, healthy life. It’s formulas include phytonutrients, which are unique beneficial botanical compounds helping to support your health. The vegan certified products are developed with premium blends of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, superfood antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics for maximum ingredient effectiveness. With varying collections from daily health and weight management to targeted health and phytosport they is something for everyone to help get healthy this Winter. Check out the full collections here.






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