GDO Tries NuSkin - and we LOVE it!!!

Here at GDO HQ we love trying out new products on behalf of all you ladies and this month we’ve been lucky enough to be given a big bag of Nu Skin goodies from Alyson Parker Beauty to sample. First up...

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud (Buy Here)

Being able to kick back, relax and enjoy a soothing face mask every few days is one of life’s little luxuries, but with so many products on the market, it’s vital to make sure that the mask you choose is right for your skin.

After a recent consultation with Alyson Parker Beauty, our product tester, Louise, described her skin woes and was recommended the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud.

Louise has fairly normal skin, but at times it can be dry and susceptible to looking tired.  She also felt it was feeling a little congested, with some visible pores around her nose and t-zone.  With the promise of brighter, fresh looking skin, she jumped at the chance to give this mask a try.

Alyson advised that this product should reveal softer, smoother and firmer skin, and it works by absorbing dead skin cells, oils and impurities. The extremely fine mud particles leave the skin feeling fresh, renewed and healthy-looking after just a few uses.

Louise used the mask 5 times within two weeks the results were remarkable.

The solution is thinner than you might first expect, so Louise found that application using an old (but clean!) makeup brush reduced wastage and gave an even coverage.  We also noted that a little goes a long way with this product, so use it sparingly and you will find it really lasts!

We found that this product works best after a couple of uses and Louise noted that her skin felt much tighter, firmer and the size of her pores had reduced after the second use.  Alyson had advised that a slight break-out was possible as the product draws the oil and impurities out of your skin, but Louise didn’t find this and instead was delighted to find her skin looking and feeling much better.

This is an extremely comfortable product to use and won’t feel tight or stingy as it works its magic.  It can be used on all skin types, and if you suffer from large pores or blackheads, this product will soon become your go-to beauty fix!

Epoch Sole Solution (Buy Here)

Okay, we’ll admit it.  We don’t take enough care of our feet.  When it comes to looking glam, we’re the first to admit that we spend far too much time on hair, makeup, fake tan and beauty products, but for some reason our feet just get completely neglected.  The result isn’t pretty, so we figured it was time to address our ‘foot fear’ once and for all.

We’ve been trying out NuSkin’s Epoch Sole Solution this month - and if you’re suffering from dry, cracked and unsightly feet, we urge you to read on!

This product claims to transform dry, rough cracked feet, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and in healthy looking condition after just a few uses.

We were advised to apply the cream before bed each night and used the product for a fortnight initially.

Our first observation of this product was that a little really does go a long way.  Using a blob about the size of a 5p piece per is more than enough to cover the entire foot without it feeling wet or oily.  The solution dries mega quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some other intensive moisturisers do, so you don’t need to worry about marking your bed sheets or feeling uncomfortable in bed.

The next morning, we were absolutely amazed at the overnight improvement.  Although still a little cracked, the heels looked and felt much smoother, and the skin was really soft to the touch.

After day 3, we noticed a remarkable improvement in cracking which was certainly much less noticeable.  Feet were visibly healthier looking and – for once – strutting our stuff in sandals wasn’t something to be scared of.

Continued use of this product really is best, and we’ve seen such an improvement over the last four weeks that we’ll 100% be re-buying once our initial trial bottle runs out!  Word of this miracle solution has travelled quickly around GDO HQ, and we can guarantee that Alyson will have some customers for life!

If you have any questions about NuSkin products, make sure to visit Alyson Parker Beauty at this year’s show.



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