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Listen up, Friends fans!  There’s something happening in Glasgow right now that every self-certified Friends fanatic simply HAS to know about!

OH.MY.GOD! We’re talking about FriendsFest, ladies.  And if you’re still secretly identifying as Regina Falange (guilty 💁🏼‍♀️ ) then this event is definitely for you.

This year’s FriendsFest has been taking place at Victoria Park in the city’s West End and ends this Sunday.  Sadly, Saturday and Sunday tickets for this weekend are already sold out, so if you’re still planning on attending this week, you’re advised to secure your tickets now!

We recently spent the day at this year’s FriendsFest and can officially confirm that this event is DEFINITELY worth the rather steep £27.50 entry fee.


FriendsFest features everything you’d expect from this sort of event – photo ops on the famous couch in Central Perk and in front of the same fountain that you’ll remember from the opening credits, plus full-sized exact replicas of three of the most iconic living rooms in TV history.  As well as Monica & Rachel and Joey & Chandler’s apartments, Ross – and formerly Ugly Naked Guy’s - apartment is a brand new addition for 2018 and certainly doesn’t disappoint.  You can also visit the apartment hallway, have a go on Joey & Chandler's recliners plus say hello to Gladys (Phoebe's creepy piece of art).


In another first for 2018, fans can also recreate the iconic ‘PIVOT!’ scene on Ross's stairwell, which was voted the nation’s favourite Friends moment last year, as well as taking part in the ultimate Friends quiz and an opportunity to recreate Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding.

Ray Pivot

Throw in some cocktails (we recommend the Chan Chan Man!) and delicious Friends-themed food - could this event BE any better?

Limited tickets to this year’s FriendsFest are still available here.




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