Blush Drape this Summer!

Contouring is about to get a revamp this season. There's a new makeup-based face chiseling trend on the rise! Make way for "blush draping" a technique that purely relies on colours — rather than traditional highlighting shades — to enhance facial features. It's now all about the powder blushes to create cheekbone-centric beauty. Cheek color is now the focal point of the entire face, with blush even doubling as eye shadow, extending past the temples and over the eyelids.

Blush 50

It's time for you to be be daring this summer and add some colour to your cheeks! If you're feeling bold this look is perfect for day wear, or if you're looking to add a touch of drama to your outfit than try it for your next dress up party! Start stocking up on coral-toned blush now, ready for the summer season. Here is a little step by step guide for creating the perfect blush drape this summer:


Step 1: Apply a base to the area to ensure the product blends well. Powder to set the base.

Blush 9


Step 2: Sweep your chosen colour over the outer third of the eye

Blush 11

Step 3: Using a larger brush, sweet outwards from the eye shadow onto the cheek.

Blush 15

Step 4: Blend this colour out towards the temple and down the cheekbone.

Blush 18

Step 5: Complete the look with a dark red lip.

Blush lips




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