8 Steps to Achieving Thicker Eyebrows

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It can be tricky to get that luscious full brow and give Cara Delevingne a run for her money! Everyone at some point or another has over plucked and been left with sparse looking brows. So we thought we would put together top tips to give you Instagram worthy brows for the season ahead!

Firstly find a pencil that flatters your brow colour

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Forget your hair colour, you need a taupe grey pencil to work wonders on your brows! The pencil is universally flattering, complementing any brow hair colour. The pencil glides on and adheres to your skin flawlessly creating the look of natural hairs.

Pick up a powder

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Powder is extremely versatile, allowing you to use it to fill in your brows, with a thin, angled brush giving precise application. You can also add dimension to them using both light and darker shades. Powders are also easier than a pencil to buff away in case you accidentally fill in your brows too much.

Groom and Tint your brows at the same time

Eyebrows tinting treatment with natural henna dye

If you’re more about brushing your brows into place whilst adding a hint of tint there’s a product for that! Look out for kits that allow you to gives your arches a feathered look, while leaving behind a slight tint that won’t leave your brows too dark.

Use the right tools

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Many of us want gorgeous, wildly bushy brows, but we also want to keep them somewhat groomed! To ensure your arches stay in tip-top shape, why not pick up a sharp tweezer with an angled tip to ensure that you only grab the hairs that fall outside your desired shape. If you’re unsure what shape best suits your face you could make an appointment at any Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar for a consultation with a pro. They’ll perfect your brows so you simply have to maintain their shape.

Conceal Bald Patches with a brow crayon

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If you need to camouflage sparse spots or fake the look of fuller brows, invest in a brow crayon to help conceal. It also doubles as a perfect taupe or darker brown shadow for blending out using the tip of your finger.

Tint your brows temporarily

Young beautiful woman making permanent makeup in cosmetology salon

If you suffer from patchy brows and are constantly filling in, then this marker is your new best friend. It’s pointed tip doesn’t wear down or need sharpening – so you can always draw on crisp hair-like strokes! It also tints your skin for several days, so you don’t need to reapply it daily.

Spoil Yourself with a Foolproof, DIY Brow Kit

Accessories for care of brows and lashes: brow comb / brush combo, spoolie brush, angled brushes, eyebrow pencil, tweezers on wood background. Eyebrow and eyelashes grooming tools

For thicker, fuller, darker brows why not invest in a kit which comes with all the essentials including stencils, brow powder duo, double-ended brushes, tweezers, and clear brow gel so your arches come out looking amazing.

Boost Brow Growth

Eyebrow makeup with brush

For those who have over-tweezed try using a brow conditioner to swipe over your arches nightly. Ensure you get one with nourishing ingredients, like peptides and nutritive vitamins, to help sprout new hairs in a matter of four to six weeks!







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