6 Hot Makeup Trends to follow!

Now is the time to start planning your summer makeup, with techniques and trends that can work in real life and ensure you look fabulous throughout the summer season.

Eye popping

Eye Liner 1

We all know when the weather starts perking up there’s a good chance we’re going out every other evening with friends and colleagues. Many brands are creating the ‘cool girl eye’ comprising of smudged liner, with traced lash lines left in giving a suggestion of last night’s festivities. An easy, everyday look to create and pull of this summer!

Flush it


A bright lip can be a bit high-maintenance in the summer heat, as face-melting conditions and cold beverages can force you into constant application of your makeup throughout the day. If you’re craving colour that lasts longer, stick to candy-coloured tones that make a statement without the high maintenance!

Loud Mouth

Loud Lips

Summer is just not the time for an overdone face. Make sure your make up application and look is as laid back as your wardrobe. A bright lip against a bare face using a range of tones such as flouro red, coral and hot pink is perfect for the summery season. It looks effortless and takes no more than a minute to create.





One For All


If you’re after a low-maintenance look this summer then you should definitely consider minimalism. This doesn’t necessarily mean barefaced, but simply using the same product on numerous parts of your face! Such as blush on your lids, the possibilities are endless!

Slick Moves


No amount of matt lotion and blotting papers will stop the shine that is inevitable within the summer humidity. Simply embrace the heat, turning a glossy sheen into something positive within the warmer climate, giving a healthy, summer glow.

Party Lines


Many of us can become lazy about applying SPF to our skin, making the face over-exposed. Why not pump up the blush so you can add a pop of it on your cheeks to downplay the pink on the rest of your face!






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