GDO Top Picks – The Best Fake Tans for 2018

Here at GDO HQ we’re no strangers to the world of fake tan - having seen our fair share of tanning disasters over the years! Now that summer is officially here to stay (we hope!), we’ve been busy testing out some of our top tanning picks for this year and have put together this handy guide which will guarantee you’ve got the summer glow all year round.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (£19.95) 



  • - Super easy to apply
  • - Moisturises as it tans (when mixed with own moisturiser)
  • - Won’t stain clothes or sheets
  • - Even and streak-free glow


  • - Fades quicker then some cheaper competitors
  • - Takes a few applications to achieve optimum colour
  • - Slight fake tan smell (although much more subtle than others!)

Our thoughts: 

We’re absolutely in love with Isle of Paradise tanning drops, which gradually tan the skin as they develop! Simply add a few drops of this miracle formula to your own moisturiser and apply as normal.  This is amazing, as it guarantees you stay moisturised and – provided you apply and rub in your moisturiser carefully – it’s almost impossible to achieve a streaky tan when using this product.

Using the medium shade achieves a gorgeous golden glow.  We’d recommend using 4 drops for the face, 6 drops per arm, 8 drops per leg and 6 drops for your neck, chest and back areas – all mixed with your favourite moisturiser.  In order to achieve and maintain an all-over glow, you might need to apply two days in a row to start with, followed by re-application every 3-4 days to maintain the glow.

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face and Body



  • - Dark guide colour makes it easy to see any streaks or uneven patches – this washes off to leave skin perfectly bronzed
  • - Serum based formula makes application smooth and leaves skin feeling hydrated – great for dry skin
  • - Fades evenly meaning less patches and uneven tone


  • - Will stain clothes and sheets if not left to dry fully
  • - Lovely coconut smell when applying but this does fade to reveal usual biscuity fake tan smell (this washes off with the guide colour)

Our thoughts:

Every fake tan lover knows that you can’t go wrong with Fake Bake.  This amazing tan contains coconut oil which not only smells delicious, but also leaves skin feeling moisturised and refreshed, building a gradual tan over just a few hours.  The serum formula feels much lighter on the skin than most normal fake tanning creams and gels and the guide colour makes it easy to spot any streaks or patches, saving you a nervous wait!

If applying before bed then you’ll go to sleep dreaming of the beach - think Malibu cocktails, coconuts and sun cream – and you’ll wake up looking like you’ve just stepped off the beach.

‘Hoola Zero Tan Lines’ Body Bronzer – Benefit (£25.50)



  • - Instant glow which lasts for at least 12 hours
  • - Doesn’t transfer on to clothes or sheets
  • - As this is an instant tan, it’s easy to spot any streaks or patches
  • - Can be used like a foundation for the body – multiple coats will give a deeper glow and fuller coverage


  • - Applicator sponge is a little on the small side
  • - Lasts 12 hours and will need re-applied rather than leaving a longer lasting tan

Our thoughts:

This is our go-to tan for those Summer nights where you need a golden glow quickly.  This magic formula is super easy to apply and comes with an applicator sponge which is great for trickier areas, and leaves the skin with a gorgeous, healthy glow – perfect for arms and legs if you’re wearing a summer dress or sleeveless top.

If you’re naturally very fair skinned then you don’t need much of this product as it comes in just one shade and can be a little on the dark side if too much is applied.  If you’re a bit darker then a couple of coats should give you a gorgeous glow.  This product will take you from pasty to bronzed goddess in just 10 minutes and is a must-have for every tan lover’s makeup bag.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam – 1 Hour Express Tan (£18.99)

Bondi Sands


  • - Gorgeous natural tan in one hour
  • - Foam feels light on the skin and absorbs quickly
  • - Fades evenly and lasts perfectly up to one full week


  • - Looks a little light after 60 minutes but develops into a gorgeous glow given more time
  • - One of the stronger smelling products we’ve tried

Our thoughts: 

If you’re short on time but don’t want to use an instant or rinse-off tan, then this is a fantastic choice for you.  Just apply using a mitt, wait 60 mins before rinsing off and you’re good to go!

The tan continues to build over a few hours so you might think that the tan is a little on the lighter side at first, but given a bit more time to develop this will eventually leave you looking like you’ve just spent the day at Bondi Beach.

The fake tan smell is a little stronger on this one, but again rinses off after a couple of showers and is certainly not worth discounting this product for.  The lightweight mousse dries super fast and transfer to clothes and sheets is minimal. Being the cheapest of all the products we’ve reviewed, we think this one is an absolute steal!




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