19 Hairstyles for 2017

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From blunt fringes, to short layers, dip-dye and new shades of hair, this is the year to test out the latest trend setting hairstyles and hair trends, experimenting with the latest colours and cuts to refresh your summer style this season.

Braid it up


Whilst plaits have been on the scene for a while, this year it's all about leaving your hair loose and natural. Your braids should be soft and slightly undone to give an element of modern romance. You don’t need to have every hair in place, or overly clean and tidy. In order to keep it soft you need a bit of movement in the hair, so it looks like you’ve done it yourself. You can also use hair oil to prep the hair, so it looks healthy, glossy and shiny.



It’s official, ribbons are back! Extremely versatile and adding a feminine touch for both night and day occasions. You can tie the ribbon loosely in a low ponytail or have it slightly pulled away from the scalp. You can also wear the ribbon either straight back with a classic centre parting or side parting for a touch of added glam.

Bleached Blonde Buzzcuts

Buzz cut

This year there have been heaps of celebrities who have taken the plunge and got an all over bleached blonde buzzcut. A bold move, but it really works! The cut oozes femininity by ensuring texture is kept in the hair, and by bleaching blonde. You need to take into consideration your face shape, for those with a rounder face you need to keep it a little longer on top to help elongate the face. Hair condition is also very important, ensuring it looks shiny, glossy and healthy.

Boyish Hair

Boyish Hair

If you have more angular facial features why not embrace all things androgynous this year! This look is great if you have high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. A short cut can help transform your face. If you have a soft face, go for a stronger, more angular cut for a dramatic look. With the dramatic change you will need to adjust your clothes and make-up accordingly.

Curl-Styling, Faux-Perms


The weather can always mess with your hair, resulting in flyaway curls and kinks, which no straightener can control. This year it’s time to embrace the curls in a big way. Attack your hair with curling tongs or try a triple barrel tong to give your hair an 80’s makeover. You can keep the curl using thickening spray before blow-drying and setting the curls with hairspray.

Extra Embellishment

Clipped hair

Jewelled hair clips are big this year! Why not wear a statement clip to the side or fully embrace the trend by fixing multiple mismatched jewels all over your hair. If you're trying the multi-jewelled hair clip trend, ensure you use a good amount of texture so they don't fall out. This is trend is better performed on slightly dirtier hair. You can use dry shampoo at the root and randomly tong mid lengths to create the texture. You can then use your fingers to roughly mess it up. Quickly pull your hair up into a loose ponytail and half pull it through to achieve a messy bun. You can place your clips wherever you like, go wild!

Super Straight


Curls aren’t for everyone, which is why we are pleased to announce that super straight hair is back! It’s time to dust off your GHDs and get those super, smooth straight locks back for the summer! Get practicing your blow-drying skills! Begin by washing and conditioning your hair, then gently detangling with a tangle teaser and going over with a fine toothcomb. This will start the process of smoothing the cuticle so it looks extra shiny. Use your hairdryer to blow dry from root to tip with the airflow pointing down the hair shaft towards the ends.

You can then use your straighteners on their lowest heat setting to iron out any kinks. Experiment with a strong middle parting or low side parting to suit your face shape.

The Bardot Fringe

Fringe 20

It’s time to give “Brigitte Bangs” a go ensuring you find the right one for your face. You could have a consultation with your stylist so they can assess your face shape and determine the perfect fringe for you. A well cut fringe can transform your look and provide a great focal point.

Bring Back The Pony


This is the year the ponytail will make a full come back. Add a feminine twist by tying it with a loose ribbon. You could also combine the look with cool accessories to give a limitless combination that will work for any occasion. To create the perfect ponytail you need to tilt your head back when brushing and secure it to ensure the underneath of your ponytail is tight. When your hair is secured, simply spray hairspray onto your brush and smooth it over to get rid of flyaways.





The Modern Bob

Modern Bob

The bob will continue to be a firm favourite for 2017, but with an added modern twist. Expect to see a different line in the bob with a shorter back and longer sides for more of a pageboy look. The bob will be made up of soft layered texture to enhance the movement of the hair cut.

Go Green

Hair 566

This is the year to go bold and experimental with colour, with green being one of the more popular hues for 2017. Greenery has been making waves in the hair world since the start of this year. You can make it look expensive by using metallics and deep emeralds.

The MoMu – Modern Mullet


For many the mullet is often considered something to remain well and truly in the past. The whole point of the mullet after all was to create a longer and shorter front which can often appear quite dated. That’s why it’s been adapted to suit different ages and face shapes for a more modern look, creating a new fashionable way to wear it. It’s been made far softer, less angular, becoming a more glamorous way to wear it. The mullet has been blended and tapered, now longer around the ears but still shorter on top in a more seamless way. To prep the hair before styling to protect, and add shine you should roughdry the roots before using a round brush to blow-dry.

Glow In The Dark Hair

Neon glow

Take inspiration from this year’s throw back to multi-coloured locks and neon 90s rave culture. The biggest trends you can expect to see this year in the world of colour are neon and glow in the dark. These new colours are made up of intense digital shades, making your head look almost CGI.

Natural Hair


It can be tricky to create the perfect 'bed-head look' or 'natural curls', often involving a variety of hair products, styling and heat. This year's natural trend will have a greater focus on authentic natural hair, rather than a styled natural look. It’s all about easy-wear hair with a strong cut tailored to the individual.

Just as this season it’s more about the quality of your skin with lighter make-up, this summer it’s all about the quality of your cut and hair condition that will be the main focus. You should ensure you use good quality shampoo and conditioner, handle brushes and hot tools to minimise mechanical damage.

Conflicting Colours


This year it’s all about embracing colour in a big way! Whether that’s black versus white, under colours or chunky stripes, it’s the year of experimentation!

By changing your hairs natural colour by even a few shades you can transform your hair and refresh it for the summer season.

Contour Colouring

Contouring hair

It’s official contouring is not just for your face! Why not take the plunge this summer with one of the biggest hair trends of 2017! Simply highlight certain sections of your hair to enhance your facial features. Contour colouring, also known as 'contourage' can help to pick out light and dark shadowing around the face, contouring the hair in a similar way to the popular make-up technique. Hair contouring can help to enhance both length and definition in the hair, giving more definition to bone structure and a more chiselled effect, as well as highlighting your skin tone so it's a multi-flattering trend.

Hair Exfoliation

Scrub hair

Exfoliating is no longer simply for your skin. It’s time to detox your hair and really cleanse your hair with a detoxing and exfoliating treatment for your scalp and hair. Give silicone free, sugar-based scalp scrubs a go to gently remove impurities. The water-soluble crystals melt into your hair, softly removing build up from roots to ends leaving your hair beautifully nourished.

No Haircut Hair Cuts

Natural hair 123

Many people splash out hundreds on their hair to ensure it looks perfect. This year it’s all about doing what feels natural and to stop worrying. In order to achieve the natural look you should brush your hair before you wash it then wash it gently so it doesn't get tangled. After you should lightly towel your hair and leave it to dry completely naturally without touching it to bring out its natural texture.

Back To Balayage

Natural 900

This year it’s all about going back to basics, returning to the technique of ‘balayage’, so whether you have dark hair or light tones, there's a colour to suit you! This subtle French highlighting technique can sweep across the hair, creating a soft, natural-looking by highlighting and enhancing the hair to compliment your look and face shape.






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