10 Top Summer Fashion Trends for 2017!

Ready for summer girls? We’ve found out the latest looks to help kick start your summer for 2017. Ready to embrace the biggest fashion trends for the season ahead? This year the cold shoulder trend still remains with deconstructed shirts; 80s party wear and slogan tees! Will you be brave enough to try the full-on florals and ruffles?

We’ve put together the latest top ten trends to inspire you for 2017 and give your wardrobe a new lease of life. Take a peek and see what looks will make the biggest impact on your wardrobe this summer!

1) 80’s Party

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Ready for the disco? This year it’s all about metallic, disco leggings and one shoulder dresses! Great for night time wear, show off your short mini skirts and neon spandex. This look is for the bold and brave.

2) New Utility

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Functional fashion has taken 2017 by storm! Designers have discovered that we need clothing which fits into our busy everyday lives, creating work wear inspired pieces with relaxed shapes and muted shades.

3) Slogans and Logos

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Wanna let your clothes do the talking? The slogan tee is here to stay for 2017! With many t-shirts making a political stance, it's time to let your T-shirt do the talking.

4) The Deconstructured Shirt


The trusty shirt isn't going anywhere, becoming even more interesting for 2017. With the off-the-shoulder trend still going strong, embrace ruffles, over-sized sleeves, peek-a-boo cut-outs and cropped shirts this summer.

5) All the Ruffles

Fashion 4

Ruffles are absolutely everywhere this summer season. But don’t worry they don’t all scream overly feminine suiting a whole range of different styles from punk to rock chic, so you can find the ruffle to suit your individual style.






6) Clash your colours

Fashion 5

Looking for something bold? This summer trends include tons of colour, striving to clash to the absolute max! Think bright blue and grass green, pink and yellow, blue and red and purple and pink!

7) Graphic Stripes

Fashion 6

Statement stripes are big this year! Why not try a full-on striped ensemble, for a striking look that will catch everyone’s attention. So if you’re after a bold, new look this is the one for you!

8) Wallpaper Print

Fashion 7

Head-to-toe florals are all the rage this season. So why not embrace flower power and add a dash of floral print to your wardrobe to give your look a summery, colourful vibe.

9) Athletic

Fashion 8

Sports luxe is hear to stay. Brining together anoraks and tracksuit tops with crystal embellishment, leggings and drawstring-pulled nylon.

10) Go Big or go Home

Fashion 9

Exaggeration is one of the key trends for summer 2017. Combining shoulder detailing, cinched waists and oversized shirts.







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