Girls Day Out

Win a Meet and Greet with Mark Wright at Girls Day Out!

Ladies, last week we gave you the chance to win a meet and greet with the one and only Mr. Mark Wright at Girls Day Out Show on Friday 2nd December 2016!

We now have the 45 names of the lucky ladies to win a meet and greet with TOWIE Star and Heart Radio Presenter Mark Wright for both yourself and 3 friends on Friday 2nd December at Girls Day Out Show 2016!

Please can you Direct Message on the Girls Day Out Facebook Page here with your details ASAP so we can get your tickets sent out to this week.

*Please note you must have already purchased a Girls Day Out Ticket to enter. Terms and conditions will be posted with your special Mark Wright Meet and Greet Ticket.

Mark Wright

1) Samantha CuthilĀ 

Three friends: Danielle McIntosh, Nicole Menzies, Shanay Lowe,


2) Angela Thomson

Three friends: Julie Mitchell, Kelly Ranaldi, Lee Archibald


3) Gemma Louise

Three friends: Michelle McGuckin, Jade Stokes, Kimberley Torrance


4) Elaine Burns

Three friends: Jenny Burns, Amy Mitchell, Katie Duncan


5) Ruth Swan

Three friends: Gemma Wyper, Laura Todd, Samantha Swan


6) Nicola Tait

Three friends: Michelle Clarke, Michelle Nixon, Stephanie Kyle


7) Kristina Dollard

Three friends: Gill Boyd, Lauren Findlay, Zoe Boyd


8) Georgia Watson

Three friends: Tasmin Jessica Edment, Nicola Scott, Jemma Park


9) Laura Meg Miller

Three friends: Elizabeth Brown, Rebecca Brown, Eleanor E Mitchell


10) Laura Welsh

Three friends: Rachi Gee, Lorna Shea Hutton, Kirsty Blackwood


11) Kelly Murray

Three friends: Rhianne McDevitt, Gillian McCurley, Courtney Hyslop


12) Polly Sinclair

Three friends: Rhoda Bartlett, Alexandra Simpson, Claire Bell


13) Shauni Brennan

Three friends: Demi Hunter, Aimee Sinclair, Stephanie Davidson


14) Shanay Lowe

Danielle McIntosh, Samantha Cuthill, Nicole Menzies


15) Rebecca Hannah Gagaa

Three friends: Deionne Elliot, Amanda Allan, Samantha Allan


16) Lisa Graham

Three friends: Heather Crawley, Hazel Graham, Jane Condie


17) Louise Lloyd

Three friends: Caroline Lloyd, Paula Shaw, Gail Russell


18) Leanne Baird

Three friends: Joanne Jarvis, Lorna Beattie, Annette Roy


19) Emily McKendrick

Three friends: Rachel Halliday, Nina Henderson, Rachael Fortune


20) Jackie Steele

Three friends: Nicola Steele, Elizabeth Allan, Lynne Hollow


21) Claire Rajek

Three friends: Jackie Gibson Healy, Gemma Healy, Lindsay Brennan


22) Danielle Singer

Three friends: Shannon Smith, Nicole Robertson, Charlotte Singer


23) Laura Forsyth

Three friends: Leanne Forsyth, Stacey Forsyth, Edna Forsyth


24) Sophie Nicola Ross

Three friends: Tanja Macpherson Dean Fraser Craig McGuinness


25) Lauryn Lees

Three friends: Lauryn Lees, Kerri Shovelin, Candice Clarke


26) Jennifer Hill

Three friends: Lyndzi Thomson, Rachael Burnett, Emma Taylor


27) Sandra Robertson

Three friends: Megan Byrnex Shelley Byrne Cara Hunter


28) Wee Cazza

Three friends: Geraldine Cooper, Liz Mc Guinness Mclaughlin, Wee Cazza


29) Danielle McIntosh

Three friends: Samantha Cuthill, Nicole Menzies, Shanay Lowe


30) Pamela McGugan

Three friends: Kayleigh McGowan, Paula McCallum, Xlaura XNeill


31) Clare Riley

Three friends: Rachel Henry, Lily Runcie, Clare Riley


32) Ally Torrance

Three friends: Alisha Kennedy Gemma Phillips Becca Wilson


33) Jacqueline Ireland

Three friends: Lori MacDonald, Samantha MacLennan, Louise Kilmurray Marshall


34) Brooke Leesha Stirling

Three friends: June Kelly Stirling, Leesha Evans, Kelsey Leonne Stirling


35) Sarah Mccartney

Three friends: Nomi Dibidi, Kayleighann Bryce, Emma Brown


36) Joanne Cameron

Three friends: Lynsey Cameron Graham, Amber Moughal, Kayleigh Little


37) Shinell X Crawford

Three friends: Jacqui Kerr McMurray, Laura McAulay, Michelle Scott


38) Samantha Allan

Three friends: Rebecca Hannah Gagaa Amanda Allan Mary Allan


39) Ashleigh Louise Dick

Three friends: Laura Nisbet, Laura Grant, Caroline Dick


40) Kayleigh Conlan

Three friends: Ashley Conlan Karen Howden Conlan Ryan Carswell


41) Nicole Menzies

Three friends: Samantha Cuthill Danielle McIntosh Shanay Lowe


42) Maxine Sartain

Three friends: Emma Stewart Yvonne Sartain Marie Dorrian


43) Laura Mcgovern

Three friends: Lezli McMillan, Carlien Gilmore, Gill Cartwright


44) Jennifer Rennison

Three friends: Lyndsey Campbell, Lauren Grant, Debbie Rennison


45) Stacey Gardner

Three friends: Agnes Gardner, Allana Gardner, Amanda Laird


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