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Make your own Spook-alicious cocktails...


It's that time of the year we all know and love, Halloween is on the horizon and we can't wait to get our spook on with some tasty treats from Metropolitan Cocktail Bar and Restaurant who have been cooking up some terrifying cocktails for us to try at home! Remember to catch them at Girls Day Out Show and sample their delicious cocktails!

We were lucky enough to get exclusive receipes from the team over at Metropolitan to give your Halloween party the ultimate scare factor this Autumn. Read on at your peril....

1. Black Apple


Ingredients: Kracken Rum, Toffee Sauce, Apple juice, Lemon juice, Sugar Syrup

Type of Glass: Rocks Glass

Instructions: For this gruesome cocktail you will need to hunt down some Kracken rum, add a dash of toffee sauce, a hint of apple juice, a touch of lemon juice and a helping of sugar syrup. Once you've gathered all your ingredients you need to pour them into your cauldron, I mean cocktail! Make sure you shake thoroughly and pour. It's as simple as that! One spooky Halloween treat coming right up....

2. Frankentini


Ingredients: Vodka, Midori, Lime juice, Grenadine

Type of Glass: Martini

Instructions: We all know the story of Frankenstein and his grizzly end...well now you can make your very own Frankenstein creation with this freaky cocktail mix. You will need to locate a bottle of Vodka, hunt down some Midori, add a dash of lime juice and mix in some grenadine for the perfect creation.  Once you've located all your ingredients you will need to shake the Vodka, Midori and Lime juice well and drizzle the Grenadine on top. And Voila! You will have yourself a scream this Halloween....

3. Pumpkin Head


Ingredients: Bombay Gin, Pumpkin Puree, Lemon juice, Ginger Syrup, Orange, Juice

Type of Glass: Martini

Instructions: Nothing says Halloween like a Pumpkin inspired treat! If you don't fancy carving a jack-o-lantern this Fall we have you covered with this Autumn inspired cocktail. To make this tasty beverage you will need a bottle of Bombay Gin, some Pumpkin Puree, a dash of Lemon Juice, a touch of Ginger Syrup and a helping of Orange Juice. Once you've got all your ingredients you simply need to  shake well and pour! And there you have it, one tasty Autumn cocktail!

4. Redrum


Ingredients: Bacardi Oro, Cointreau, Red Wine, Strawberries

Type of Glass: Rocks

Instructions: Inspired by the famous scene in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ (in which “redrum” is murder spelled backwards). This drink is one killer cocktail and is not to be messed with! To make this terrifying treat you will need one bottle of Bacardi Oro, a touch of Cointreau, a hint of Red Wine and a helping of Strawberries. You simply need to build the cocktail in the glass and your peril...

5. Witches Flame

Witches Flame

Ingredients: Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry Briottet, Raspberries, Cream, Absinthe Flame

Type of Glass: Martini

Instructions: So for this cocktail mix before you begin you must utter the magic words...Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble...Once you've found your cauldron you must pour in some vanilla vodka, a hint of Raspberry Briottet, a helping of raspberries and a touch of cream. You must then shake your cocktail mix well and pour. You can float absinthe on top and set on fire for the ultimate Witches flame! This cocktail is sure to give your Halloween party the ultimate scare factor....

Happy Halloween Ladies...


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