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Get active this summer!


We chatted to Elle Belle UK about staying in shape this summer, and put together some top tips for home workouts to fit in with your daily routine. Creating a well balanced home workout structure will mean you can work on your whole body evenly, helping you to look great and promote good posture and muscle balance.

The best home workouts for women should have an even mixture of push, pull and lift exercises, incorporating exercises for your core muscles. Chat to the Elle Belle team about fitness and well being at this year's show!

Key Benefits For Women Who Workout At Home

There are many benefits of home workouts or working out in the great outdoors including:

  • No gym fees – Your home workout will cost you nothing apart from the initial home workout equipment investment.
  • Convenience – If you're a stay at home mum or work from home, it may be easier and more convenient to plan your home workouts.
  • Privacy – You don’t have to worry about people watching you exercise.
  • Time – You have the flexibility of fitting in your home workout whenever you have a spare 30-60 minutes.
  • No travel costs – Working out at home will save you money on gym fees.

Best Home Workouts

There are many different types of home workouts for women, the best and most simple home workouts don’t have to be with expensive gym equipment or with weights either. Exercising without weights can be achieved quite easily and cheaply with the use of a set of resistance bands.

Resistance Band Home Workouts

Resistance band workouts are fun and easy to learn. You can work your whole body quickly and easily, plus they are great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers alike.

Best Home Workout Exercises

A home workout for women should incorporate the same type of exercises as a man would carry out. If you're not looking to get too muscular, avoid certain exercises such as shrugs which can create a thick neck. It is also important to realise that to get toned you will need to do some type of resistance exercise.

Basic Home Workout Routine

We've put together a basic home workout routine designed specifically for women. This routine should take no longer than an hour, and you will notice great results within 3 to 4 weeks of consistent training.

1) Warmup

Take 3 – 5 minutes of step ups on your bottom stair. Half on your left leg, and half on your right leg.


2) Beginner Exercises

  • Leg Exercise – 2-3 sets of Chair Squats. (Lift exercise)


  • Back Exercise – 2-3 sets of Resistance Band Rowing. (Pull exercise)


  • Chest Exercise – 2-3 sets of Press Ups or Resistance Band Chest Press. (Push exercise)

Determined teen girl looking at the camera with a focused expression while doing push ups on the grey concrete floor of a grungy industrial space

  • Shoulder Exercise – 2-3 sets of Dumbbell or Resistance Band Shoulder Press.


  • Bicep Exercise – 2-3 sets of Resistance Band Biceps Curls. (Pull exercise)


  • Tricep Exercise – 2-3 sets of Dumbbell or Resistance Band Triceps Kickbacks. (Push exercise)


  • Abdominal Exercise – 2-3 sets of Ab Crunches. (Core exercise)


  • Lower Back Exercise – 2-3 sets of Good Mornings. (Core exercise)


  • Warmdown


3) Stretches

  • Calf Stretch


  • Hamstring Stretch


  • Thigh Stretch


  • Shoulder Stretch


  • Chest Stretch


  • Back Stretch

Beautiful sporty fit yogini woman practices yoga asana marjarias

  • Triceps Stretch


  • Biceps Stretch













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